Accounting ServicesOur accounting services are offered in 3 different ways:
  • We pay your bills for you- business and/or personal OR
  • As your certified public accountant, our accounting services will capture your monthly income and expenses into our system from records of deposits, checks and credit card statements which you provide and generate financial statements for you – business and/or personal OR
  • You capture all your income and expense data into QuickBooks or Peachtree and we reconcile the bank and credit card statements and generate financial accounting statements for you – business and/or personal
Other business management functions include:
  • Payroll services
  • Issuing of Forms 1099 as needed
  • Business and City taxes and licenses
  • Sales tax returns
  • Property tax returns
The value of having us involved in your bookkeeping throughout the year is that:
  • We are able to see tax issues before they arise and can alert you to these issues and offer solutions
  • We are able to help you understand your accounting situation timely and we can address cash flow issues as they arise
  • We are able to show businesses their key ratios and understand their importance and effects on profitability

Spencer Business Solutions offers a wide range of accounting services for Lexington, KY and just about everywhere else. Payroll, bookkeeping and even your taxes, our job is to provide you with the right accounting services that you need. Learn how a Certified Public Accountant can take your business in the direction it needs with our accounting services.