Payroll Services in LexingtonAs a business owner, Payroll Services are a necessary evil. It just comes with the territory! However, as a client of Spencer Business Solutions, LLP, we are your one-stop payroll services shop. We can handle payroll processing, payroll tax returns and W-2s for companies of any size, for a very reasonable price.

Payroll services your business needs:

  • full payroll service weekly, bi-weekly, twice monthly or monthly
  • direct deposit
  • online payroll check viewing for your employees
  • online W-2 viewing for your employees
  • online payroll reporting
  • full tax services weekly, bi-weekly, twice monthly or monthly
  • general ledger interface to your Quickbooks accounting software
  • an online portal for you to key in employee hours if you so desire
  • human resource tracking and reporting if desired
  • workers comp pay-per-employee if desired

If you do not want to get involved with having to key in employees’ hours, we can handle everything for you! At a minimum, we review all of your payroll reports to insure the processing and reporting goes smoothly each and every time. This provides you with a worry-free payroll process so that you can focus on what you do best- running your business!

No company is too big or too small!  If you are an s-corporation, you will definitely require payroll processing in order to maximize the tax advantages associated with being an s-corporation.   We can also determine what a reasonable compensation is for you as an owner, which will keep you out of trouble with the IRS.

Contact us today to get a free payroll services quote, and eliminate one more hassle and worry from your already-busy schedule as a business owner.